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Sussex and Dinwiddie County, Virginia Traffic Offense Lawyer John B. Chappell

Traffic Violation? Speeding Ticket? Accident? CDL Driver?

Knowledge comes from experience. With more than 30 years of representing clients, John B. Chappell, Attorney at Law, puts knowledge and experience on your side.

We vigorously defend Virginia and out-of-state drivers as well as commercial drivers who are charged with a traffic offense in Sussex or Dinwiddie County, Virginia.
Located in Dinwiddie, Virginia, we work to protect your driving privileges and minimize the damage to your driving record, your insurance rates and your life. Contact our law office for a FREE CONSULTATION about any driving violation, such as a speeding ticket or reckless driving.

Put More Than 30 Years of Experience to Work for You


  • Attorney John Chappell defends all types of traffic violations and speeding tickets issued in Sussex or Dinwiddie County, Virginia. If you are from out of state, in most cases we can handle your entire defense without you having to return to Virginia.
  • If you were involved in an accident and charged with reckless driving, there are frequently ways to have the charges reduced or dismissed.
  • If you are involved in a traffic accident and are found to be at fault, we will fight any criminal charges that you may face.
  • If you are a commercial driver and get a traffic ticket, don’t just pay the fine. Traffic violations affect your CDL and can cost you your job. We provide traffic defense for CDL drivers.
  • Our wills, estates and real estate practice also provides protection and representation for home owners and buyers.

Contact us now to schedule a FREE CONSULTATION with traffic lawyer John Chappell. Our office is open Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Leave a message any time of day or night. We are located in downtown Dinwiddie, just across Boydton Plank Road from the Dinwiddie County Courthouse.


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Dinwiddie, Virginia traffic defense lawyer John B. Chappell represents both Virginia and out-of-state drivers who have received traffic tickets or had accidents in Sussex County or Dinwiddie County, Virginia. He defends clients from all over the country who were pulled over in communities including Dinwiddie, Sussex, Petersburg, Dewitt, Stony Creek, Carson, Waverly, Wakefield and McKenney.