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Traffic Law, Real Estate & Estate Planning Attorney in Dinwiddie, VA

It takes a team from Dinwiddie to really understand how the town operates. When you need legal help in our area, nothing other than a local legal team is going to do.

John Chappell


John B. Chappell has served the Dinwiddie area for more than 30 years. His practice is concentrated on traffic cases, real estate transactions, estate planning and business law.


Jessica L. Henshaw


Jessica Henshaw is an Associate Attorney here at the law office. She has lived in Dinwiddie her entire life, and wanted to work as an attorney in the area in which she was raised so that she could help the residents of her community with their legal matters and questions.


Ashley Robb


Ashley Robb has worked here since 2016 as Secretary/Administrative Assistant. She is typically the first person you will speak with when calling the office.  A good portion of her time consists of managing traffic cases: intake, opening files, processing payments and sending out letters/emails with the case results.


What to Do If You're Stopped for a Ticket


Be polite and respectful to the police officer.

Behaving in any other manner is simply counterproductive. An officer will be less likely to see your point of view if you are obstinate.


Explain extenuating circumstances before the ticket is written.

It is always best to be up front with the officer about your situation and communicate with him before his decision has been finalized.


Call us for a free consultation to evaluate your options.

If you are unsure of what your course of action should be after getting a ticket, we will help advise you on the best way to proceed.


Hire an attorney who is familiar with the local court.

In the event that your ticket requires defense in the courtroom, we strongly suggest that you partner with a reputable local attorney.

If you have a traffic ticket from Dinwiddie County, you need a local attorney on your side.

Everyone who drives a car will receive a speeding ticket in their lifetime. Local knowledge is very important in traffic court. What works in one county may not work in the next. I have worked in the local courts for years and know what can work for you. I will give you an honest assessment of your case.


Is your client in need of local counsel or advice outside of your areas of practice?

I've been partnering with other attorneys and professionals for years. When you send your clients my way, they're in good hands.

Most of the people who get a traffic ticket in Dinwiddie aren’t residents of the town. They’re just passing through on their way to some other destination. If you need some help navigating the local laws, don’t be afraid to send your client our way. We have a great record of referrals from other attorneys and pride ourselves on making sure that our name isn’t tarnished through a bad referral. Your clients are in a good place when they come to us for help. We will not leave a bad taste in your mouth.

Problem solving is my biggest strength.
I always work to provide you with the most common sense solution to your problems.

One of the most important things an attorney can do is put your mind at ease. Whether your traffic ticket is worrying you, the process of buying a home is stressing you out or the thought of getting your estate in order is just overwhelming, we intend for you to be in a better frame of mind after you talk with us.

We firmly believe that the mark of a good attorney is the ability to analyze a person’s problems and develop a sensible/reasonable plan for dealing with their problem or situation.

I will give you an honest assessment of your situation. If I don’t foresee being able to accomplish your objective, I will tell you straight up. I plan to work out the simplest and most straightforward path for achieving your goals. I want you to feel like there is a good plan in place after we discuss your case and you decide to entrust your legal matter to us.