John Chappell

John Chappell has over 30 years of experience in traffic law. He prides himself on making clients feel less burdened by their traffic problems and has seen just about everything there is to see when it comes to defending those who need it. Whether your legal issue is related to a car, a house, your estate or a business, John is the go-to guy in Dinwiddie for any problem you might have.

Jessica L Henshaw

Associate Attorney
Jessica Henshaw is an Associate Attorney here at the law office. She has lived in Dinwiddie her entire life, and wanted to work as an attorney in the area in which she was raised so that she could help the residents of her community with their legal matters and questions.

Ashley Robb

Administrative Assistant
Ashley Robb has worked here since 2016 as Secretary/Administrative Assistant. She is typically the first person you will speak with when calling the office.  A good portion of her time consists of managing traffic cases: intake, opening files, processing payments and sending out letters/emails with the case results.