Headshot of attorney Ashley Robb

I have worked here since 2016 as Secretary/Administrative Assistant. I am typically the first person you will speak with when calling the office.  A good portion of my time consists of managing traffic cases: intake, opening files, processing payments and sending out letters/emails with the case results. I also type and prepare numerous documents for the office, such as wills, power of attorneys, medical directives, deeds and general correspondence.  I truly enjoy this line of work and interacting with the different clients and helping meet their individual needs.

I am born and raised in Dinwiddie County, and attended the local schools. I left the area briefly to live in West Virginia, but quickly became homesick for Dinwiddie and its small town, cozy feel. I have been married for 11 years and we have one child, a son who is in first grade. Outside of the office I enjoy cooking, crafting (specifically painting), and spending time with my family and our numerous animals.